“love .. peace .. and happiness” ..

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my friend passed away on friday .. january 7 .. 2016 .. at 12:15 .. according to the clock that hung on the wall .. of her room in palliative care .. i was given a gift that day .. i was invited to be present at her death .. i arrived about ten minutes before her last outbreath ..

i was present when she zoomed off .. like the bright and shining star she is ..

i’ll miss our time together .. no more heading over to her house to bring her outside for a walkabout her garden .. drinking tea and babbling about plants .. or finding her out playing happily in her garden .. or searching the aisles of value village together .. or looking out my kitchen window to see her peering at plants in my garden .. before we’d head off to play in a garden .. no more sitting by her pond .. pondering life’s lessons together .. no more hugs of joy .. or sadness .. i’ll miss these times ..

for fifteen years we gardened other people’s gardens .. side by side .. all the while learning as we gardened our own .. in any one of these gardens we shared our joy .. shared our sads .. and mads .. and glads .. and our good .. and our shared sense of gratitude .. for the wonderfull lives we live .. for the opportunity to meet as friends in this one ..

i believe we’ll still do all of these things together .. we’ll just be about it a wee bit differently .. the physicality of my friend is gone .. not my friend ..

i believe joe and i have shared many lifetimes together .. that we have always been friends .. that we are souls that will always come together .. again .. and again ..

i’ll miss seeing her coming down the road, though .. wheelbarrow loaded up for the day’s gardening .. big smile on her face .. happy to be here .. on the planet .. ready to wander down the road with me .. side by side .. into our day ..

and yet .. see .. she’s right here .. now ..

“love .. peace .. and happiness” .. my dear friend ..  💕


our version of a snowy day ..

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out past the sheds ..

out past the sheds ..

i was born and brought up on the prairies, so i have some acquaintance with snow .. more than twenty years .. and winters with below freezing temps .. waay below, in some cases .. since i moved to the coast .. more than forty years ago .. snow has become an excitement for me .. more of an appearance of magic than anything .. you see, the thing of it is .. on the coast where we live .. snow pretty much disappears as soon as it touches the ground .. it takes just the right conditions to keep it here for any length of time .. i mean .. i’ve seen it last a week .. !

in a snowy winter on the prairies there are many an adult .. generally men .. who have been given the job of keeping the driveway clear .. the sidewalk .. the path to the garbage cans .. to the compost .. to keep an eye on the snow on the roof .. big job .. on top of everything else thy do in a day .. because there are times when snow needs to be shovelled every day .. !

in a snowy winter on the children love all the paths .. here and there .. all across the yard .. leaving potential space for pie tag .. initiated by creating a big pie in the yard .. the shape is made by shuffling one’s feet together .. traveling in a big circular path to make the shape .. then the pie sections are cut into pathways through the snow .. using the same foot shuffling technique .. once the shape is defined then you play .. ‘it’ stands in the centre .. everyone else runs around and across the pie while ‘it’ tags .. so fun .. !

well, likely you had to be there .. or maybe you have been .. ? ..

at any rate .. back to the here and now .. and our wonderfull snowy day .. here’s hoping it lasts until morning ..

i could build a pie for tag ..


our gate and beyond ..

our gate and beyond ..