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autumn composting ..

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first maple leaves turning ..

in autumn .. when i’m in the garden .. my head in a bed .. my fingers are somehow .. as though of their own volition .. moving through the plants .. picking out dead leaves and debris .. cleaning .. hunting for dead, damaged and/or diseased .. yellowing leaves .. broken branches .. fallen stalks .. all in the process of decomposing .. dead leaves hanging on by a thread .. a web .. a filigree .. still taking energy from the plant to complete the process of dying .. my eyes and hands work together .. seeing .. picking .. cleaning the bed of what is now irrelevant debris .. taking that debris to the compost pile .. building and rebuilding .. eventually taking it back to the beds .. in a new form .. and repeat .. and repeat ..

i’m a maintenance gardener .. i have worked in many gardens over the past twenty plus years .. loved them all .. cared for each one .. as i care for my own .. there is nothing i would rather be doing .. and one of my favourite tasks in the garden is making space for composting to happen .. and no other season brings that to the forefront for me than autumn .. if i did nothing else in a garden .. this is what i’d do .. create spaces for this natural process to take place .. compost .. it’s alchemy .. of a kind .. turning garden debris to garden gold .. magic ..

a beauteous pile ..

i love cleaning garden beds ..  moving from plant to plant .. examining .. seeing what each plant might need from me .. snip a broken branch .. cut down dead stalks .. deadhead to eek out the last few blossoms .. meanwhile .. creating piles around me of debris .. leaving traces of my presence .. filling my wheelbarrow with the assorted piles .. filling the compost bin .. then .. filling my wheelbarrow .. taking finished compost back to each bed .. dumping .. spreading it lovingly around the plants .. across the bed .. feeding .. nourishing .. settling beds in for the winter .. lucky beds .. lucky me ..

autumn .. what a wonderfull season for a gardener ..

a wise old man ..


a zen moment .. 1

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our favourite blanket ..

our favourite blanket ..

my niece, andrea, made this blanket for frank and me .. a christmas gift from three or four ago .. isn’t it beautifull .. we love it .. the colours .. the geometric design .. the accumulation of squares .. we use this blanket from autumn to spring .. it goes on as the weather cools .. and stays on until it warms up again .. this blanket surrounds us with warmth .. and comfort .. and love .. we’re blessed to have this blanket .. we’re so gratefull for it ..

usually .. when i make the bed i throw the blanket on top .. straighten the sides .. the ends .. check the finished product .. turn around .. and walk into my day ..

however .. every now and again i have what i think of as zen moments ..

had one this morning .. made the bed .. straightened out the sheets .. the quilt .. put the pillows in place .. reached for the blanket .. threw it on the bed .. and .. instead of just pulling it this way and that .. i looked at it .. saw the pattern in it .. and started straightening all the squares .. aligned each one .. up and down .. and across ..


as i carried on .. meticulously touching each square .. straightening the lines to their original shape .. i thought of andrea as she was making this blanket .. thinking of the gift she was making us .. choosing colours .. considering the pattern .. then patiently knitting all those many squares to the same size .. placing the finished squares into the chosen pattern .. then stitching them all together .. finally folding the blanket up .. sending it off to us .. with love ..

you might be able to tell .. from the photo .. and the babbling of these after thoughts .. that this was a zen moment for me .. playing with knitted squares .. mindfully pulling and teasing the stretched fabric .. back into square shapes .. or .. diamonds .. as in the photo above ..

it actually took a few concentrated .. mindfull .. zen moments ..

so enjoyable ..

thanks, darling andrea ..