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so .. after poring through many sites and pages .. and unable to find a person to contact re my dilemma re uploading photos into my blog .. i came across a similar circumstance in the forums at wordpress .. the information i used was to deactivate all the plugins i have on my pages .. i’m not even sure i’m using the correct terminology .. regardless .. i went into the plugins page and deactivated all the plugins .. went back to my blog and added photos a few times .. in batches .. two batches of two or three each .. worked like a hot-damn .. (not sure what that means exactly .. or where the term came from .. might have to look it up .. ) .. photos are .. so far .. flying into my media library .. it’s wonderful .. no idea how but now it’s working ..


then i start to wonder .. if deactivating the plugins allows me to upload media more easily .. why do i have plugins at all .. ?? .. and how do  i know which ones interfere with uploading .. and what do i do about that .. i’m tempted to delete them all .. then what would happen .. ?? .. so many questions ..

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then i think it might be better not to act too hastily .. so .. i won’t delete them .. yet .. besides it might mean using computer language and believe me i don’t want to be doing that .. that’s another thing that makes me wonder why i’m using wordpress because it seems anything you want to do you do using computer language .. so i just don’t do anything .. seems so silly ..

a wise old man ..


  1. grdnstff says:

    i know what you mean, marguerite .. ignorance is bliss .. in the meantime, i just find the easy way out, which usually isn’t the ‘conventional’ way .. but whatever works, right .. ! ..

  2. Marguerite says:

    oh dear, glad the problem is solved but it all sounds a bit complicated. I have just the most basic understanding of how my blog works, if anything changes I get sent into a tailspin. What in the world is a plug in? best not to ask too many questions.. ignorance is bliss 🙂

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