beau at the beach ..

our lovely beau .. he just moved into his thirteenth year .. all wonder-full years with us .. in fact, we’ve know each other from the time he was born right here on our little island .. at remi’s place .. a little, fluffy, black puppy .. his favoured place quietly in the background of the usual sort of  puppy hullaballoo .. his seven siblings were much more in the forefront .. jumping and rolling about .. vying for attention .. when frank visited remi for coffee before they’d head off to do rock work .. beau would come out and sit at frank’s feet .. and look up at him .. make eye contact .. make heart to heart contact .. as if to say “you’re mine” .. and when beau was old enough .. and pretty near the last pup left .. he came home to live with us .. it was inevitable ..

he’s a joyfull .. and much loved addition to our ‘pack’ ..

beau ..

now .. in his later years he still likes to go for walks .. more ambling than walking these days .. and every day either frank or i take him to smugglers’ beach .. he loves standing in the saltwater ..







soaking it up ..


it was a beautifull morning when we got to the beach today .. tide was way out .. waves were quietly lapping .. just perfect for an old dog to wade in and soak up the healing energy of the sea ..

standing in saltwater ..


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